What is Spider-Man: Lotus and why is it so controversial?

There will soon be a new Spider-Man movie available online, but Spider-Man: Lotus is already generating excitement and debate. 

One of Marvel's most well-known superheroes for a long time, Spider-Man has inspired scores of live-action and animated movies, TV series, and short films. 

Similar to many other Marvel and DC characters, Spider-Man has also been the subject of a number of fan-made projects.

Some of which have made excellent use of their limited funding to retell both recent and classic tales. 

Spider-Man: Lotus is demonstrating, however, that not all press is positive press.

The fan-made project successfully generated buzz with a crown-sourcing effort and regular video updates.

It attempts to give a realistic and emotive interpretation of a well-known Spider-Man comic.

However, the project has received a lot of unfavorable press leading up to its release due to charges made against a number of the artists involved. 

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