Taylor Sheridan calls Kevin Costner's show departure "disappointing."

Every sport has great players, but to be a Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Serena Williams, or Mike Tyson takes something special.

It's not easy to name more members of that select group because there aren't many. They are, without a doubt, superstars in every way.

They're the type of athlete you have to respect, whether you like them or not. 

 They are so dominant, motivated, and determined that they are known all across the world, to the point where you could tell someone who knows nothing about sports who you're talking about.

Tiger Woods is one such athlete.

While other children were still sleeping in cribs with a binky, the child prodigy made his national broadcast debut at the age of two on The Mike Douglas Show, 

showing the world just how talented he was at golf (an appearance that also indirectly demonstrated his father's intensity). Tiger has only improved since then.

Despite a few blips on the radar, he has repeatedly demonstrated that he is the best and most dominant golfer in the world.

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