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Late in the month of May, Bob Myers resigned from his position as President of Basketball Operations for the Golden State Warriors after the team was unable to come to an agreement with him over the terms of an extension. 

Myers became well-known for his ability to manage egos and communicate with stars like Stephen Curry and Draymond Green while working as the ringleader for the Golden State Warriors, where he won four rings during his tenure.

Even though it was clear that Myers would leave, it was nonetheless bittersweet to see him go because it closed an important chapter in Warriors and NBA history. 

Before taking the job with the Warriors, Myers had already established himself as a notable player agent, but he will be regarded for all time as one of the most successful front office managers in the history of sports

He won't know for sure until much later if he will ever find another job in the NBA. If he ever wants to be courted, he will have his choice among many interested suitors.

Myers, on the other hand, seems to have his sights set on other kinds of endeavors for the time being. 

James has a lot of time left to polish up his application materials before he has to make a decision about college. He has received offers from both Duquesne and USC, the latter of which is where his brother Bronny presently resides.

ccording to the listing, Bryce is 6-foot-4 and weighs 180 pounds. Next year, he will have numerous opportunities to showcase his talents in front of national audiences, and he will have the chance to play high school basketball at the state's most elite level.