Kevin Costner’s attorney hits back at ‘Yellowstone’ work report

Kevin Costner's attorney denies the actor caused problems on the set of his Paramount blockbuster "Yellowstone."

Attorney Marty Singer denied a Tuesday Puck claim that Costner had curtailed the time he would spend filming the series in Montana.

According to a Deadline article earlier this month, Costner, who plays patriarch John Dutton on the show, may leave due to "disagreements over shooting schedules."

“Kevin Costner is a big part of Yellowstone and we hope that’s the case for a long time,” the statement said. We're constantly expanding Taylor Sheridan's fantastic world thanks to his brilliant intellect. We want to work with Matthew McConaughey.

Sheridan, the show's co-creator and showrunner, is working with Paramount to end the series and establish a franchise starring Matthew McConaughey.

“As we previously stated, Kevin has been a key component of the success of our Yellowstone series, and we hope that continues,” a Paramount spokeswoman said.

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