KEVIN COSTNER Lawyer Slams Estranged Wife 

The first paragraph of Kevin Costner's recent filing shows how bitter the divorce between him and Christine Baumgartner has become. 

 "Christine maintains that she cannot admit or deny that she comprehended the Premarital Agreement since she (and evidently all of her attorneys) do not grasp the word "understand."

She may fight the prenup because she didn't understand it. So Kevin's lawyers questioned her lawyers if she "understood" what she was signing.

Wasser wants Christine's lawyers to respond whether she understood the prenup. This question sparked the latest fight... Wasser: "You understood the premarital agreement's legal effect before signing."

"Objection," said Christine's lawyer. "This request is vague as to the scope and meaning of the terms 'understood'... [Christine] is unable to admit or deny the request."

Christine must repay Kevin's $1.5 million and pay his attorney's fees if she disputes the prenup at a future hearing and the judge enforces it.

The judge has signaled he will enforce the prenup throughout many hearings. It's the finest word parsing since Bill Clinton asked what "is" means!

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