"Keanu hype is endless!" For Constantine 2, Keanu Reeves returns!

Folks, it has been 17 years! Additionally, the sardonic supernatural investigator John Constantine ,

will make a stunning comeback. Hold onto your trench coats; Warner Bros. 

has revealed that "Constantine 2" is in development, and fans are going crazy. 

Who does not enjoy a good comeback? The news of "Constantine 2" has had a supernaturally powerful ,

effect in a world of reboots and spin-offs, especially with Keanu Reeves returning in his original role.

"Holy sh*t, the Keanu hype never ends!," said Deadline. Never imagined we'd see ,

a CONSTANTINE sequel of all things, one ardent supporter wrote on Twitter under ,

the handle @HarrisHarrisev9.But Reeves didn't bring an end to the fun. In addition, 

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