Jodie Sweetin is "disappointed" that the Great American Family movie will contribute its profits to groups that support LGBTQ people.

– Actress Jodie Sweetin expresses disappointment over her film "Craft Me a Romance" airing on Great American Family channel.

– Candace Cameron Bure, former co-star, champions "traditional marriage" focus on the channel, contrasting with LGBTQ representation on Hallmark.

– Sweetin states actors lack control over project networks, surprised to learn film's placement via press.

– Independent film was worked on over a year ago, now sold to Great American Family, catching Sweetin off guard.

– Despite disappointment, Sweetin commits to supporting LGBTQ+ causes, pledges to donate potential earnings from the sale.

– Great American Family channel's emphasis on traditional marriage discussed in interview with Cameron Bure in November.

– Cameron Bure highlights channel's Christian values and dedication to faith-based and family content.

– The Hollywood Reporter seeks comment from Great American Family regarding the situation.

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