Jamie Foxx's First Film Since Hospitalization Opens Friday 

The R-rated comedy Strays will feature actor Jamie Foxx and Will Ferrell as the voices of two stray dogs. 

The film, which will be released on August 18, will be Foxx's first to be seen in theaters ,

after he was admitted to the hospital in April 2023 for an unspecified medical problem. For the first time in public, 

Foxx discussed his hospitalization in July 2023, claiming he had been "to hell and back" and was thankful ,

to still be alive.Jamie Foxx, who was born Eric Morlon Bishop, has established himself ,

as one of the generation's most multifaceted entertainers. Before getting his own sitcom in 1996, 

Foxx got his start in television as a member of the cast of In Living Color. In 2004, 

he went on to establish himself as a dramatic performer with roles in the thriller Collateral and the biopic Ray. 

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