'Heart Of Stone' stars Jamie Dornan and Gal Gadot.

Netflix has made it apparent that it intends to compete with other studios by producing large, star-driven action franchises.

Extraction, its current sequel, The Gray Man (with the promise of more), Red Notice, and many other big-screen productions are examples.

Of entertainment that viewers will ultimately watch at home on couches.

However, the streamer is confident that it will increase subscriptions, so expect more of films like Heart of Stone.

A convoluted spy thriller packed with James Bond-style action set pieces but with a wonder woman by the name of Gal Gadot at the center of it all. 

This kind of stuff still works best at Imax rather than your living room, despite being skillfully and expensively executed. 

This is a female-driven project, similar to Charlize Theron's Netflix series The Old Guard, where the men—specifically Jamie Dornan's complex bad guy—take a backseat. 

In actuality, this is an entirely Gadot-driven car. With a 20-minute pre-credits action scene taking place at the Glacier Hotel Grawand, which is located at the highest point in Europe.

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