Dwayne Johnson on Maui recovery: "Resolve is our DNA".

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has a message of hope for the residents and workers of Maui,  

which has been devastated by wildfires.The actor, who lived in Hawaii for a time as a youngster,  

addressed the flames on Instagram on Sunday, urging his fans to give to the relief effort by going  ,

to the Hawai'i Community Foundation.He stated in a video message, "I know that by now ,

all of you across the world have seen the tremendous destruction and devastation ,

that has rocked our Hawaiian islands - our island of Maui. And I'm absolutely saddened over this, 

as I'm sure you all are.Johnson went on to honor emergency personnel, medical personnel, 

and "local heroes.""Stay strong through this terrible moment, all our local families, our ohana, our aiga. 

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