Dua Lipa Can Only Wear This Metallic Slip Dress—Fans Say She's 'Gorgeous' 

Dua Lipa is wearing a different vacation wardrobe every day. Once again, the singer's outfits had the audience in awe, 

and this time, it was a unique little dress that few people could pull off. She appeared in the series of photographs ,

wearing a dazzling light-pink outfit. The dress featured a fabric panel that beautifully cascaded ,

from the waist and extended past her knee, as well as delicate spaghetti straps. 

She humorously captioned the picture, "all I do is beach," alluding to her extended holiday spent near Albania's shorelines and beaches.

In more recent news pertaining to her prolonged vacation, the 'One Kiss' hitmaker has been  ,

facing criticism over one of her holiday posts, in which she was seen smoking a cigarette while lounging around.  

The 27-year-old was chastised by fans for glamorizing smoking and for making the actress aware ,

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