Donald Trump golf club members furious at his greed

It would appear that a number of club members are upset with Donald Trump as they get the Bedminster golf course ready for a LIV Golf event this weekend.

It appears that Donald Trump is now asking each of his members to pay an additional $40 for a ticket to the golf tournament that will take place this weekend.

Club dues for members can cost as much as $350,000. And a story on Page 6 indicates that they are not pleased with that development.

They were able to get free tickets the year before, but this year things have changed. 

 In addition, club members who want to watch the event will be required to pay an admission fee, and they won't be able to use the course or any of the other facilities while the competition is going on.

Everyone in the group is quite upset... "They're closing the course, the pool, and the restaurant, all of which we pay a significant amount of money to use," a source said to Page 6.

Since the PGA Tour decided to stop holding events at Trump's facilities as a result of his problematic behavior, Trump has shown a great deal of support for the LIV Golf network.

It may not seem like a horrible price to pay $40 for a ticket to witness golfers like Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia, and Bubba Watson play, all things considered;

yet, for those who already pay $350,000 to be a part of Bedminster, it may feel like it just seemed like a smack in the face to pay such a high amount.

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