Biden Defies Supreme Court Ruling and Gives Mind-Numbing $39 Billion

U.S. Supreme Court blocks Democrat student loan forgiveness program, citing federal law (6-3 decision). 

U.S. Department of Education announces automatic discharge of $39 billion in federal student loans, defying court ruling. 

Education Secretary Cardona claims the move rectifies past system failures and aids borrowers. 

Chief Justice Roberts' ruling details cancellation of $430 billion debt, benefiting 20 million borrowers. 

President Biden vows determination to find alternative relief for middle-class families. 

Vice President Harris reaffirms commitment to aiding borrowers for various life pursuits. 

Biden-Harris Administration's push for student debt relief continues despite court setback. 

Debate ensues over legality and impact of debt cancellation in U.S. education system. 

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