"Barbie" Tops $1.18B Global, "Oppenheimer" Nears $650M, "Meg 2" Tops $250M, and "Gran Turismo" Engines Start Early Overseas

– Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie hits $1.18B globally, led by Margot Robbie's living doll.

– Margot Robbie's doll grosses $45.1M in 4th frame, reaches $657.6M in international markets.

– Sony's Gran Turismo release stands out in a weekend of holdovers.

– Local film No More Bets gains traction in China; India breaks records with new releases.

– Barbie becomes top-grossing female-directed live-action film worldwide.

– Surpasses Aquaman as Warner Bros' 2nd highest-grossing movie globally.

– Ranks 8th in WB's all-time highest-grossing films, surpassing The Dark Knight Rises.

– Dominates as 2023's No.1 U.S. movie in 25 markets, excelling in UK, Brazil, Australia.

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