A game-changing approach speeds up Diablo 4 leveling.

– Diablo 4 players seek leveling advantages; content creator Raxxanterax reveals groundbreaking method.

– New leveling technique unveiled, leveraging recent 1.1.1 patch dungeon changes.

– Record shattered post-patch: Level 40 achieved in just 2 hours, 7 minutes (previously 3.5 hours).

– Key is the "Domhainne Tunnels," now known as "dopamine tunnels" due to their effectiveness.

– Patch's density changes transformed tunnels into XP hotspots, outperforming strongholds.

– Raxxanterax explains strategy: Repeatedly resetting tunnel beginning yields colossal XP.

– Tunnels' monster-packed start grants unparalleled experience compared to older methods.

– Diablo 4 community abuzz with excitement over Raxxanterax's groundbreaking leveling discovery.

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